About Katie

"About me" pages were once the easiest part of a website, questionnaire, or survey to me. Today, I sit and stare at a blank page. The words don't come. The ones that do aren't as pretty as I'd hoped.

Before life happened, personal summaries were comprised of lofty dreams and goals, idealistic self-analysis and funny quips. Now, do I write about my past? List my accomplishments and failures? Pick the pieces of myself that make up the substance of my life? The characteristics and traits I want you to see?

The easy-to-list: I'm an artist, a photographer, a (ahem) writer, and production assistant in the entertainment industry.

The not-so-easy-to-list: I'm a twenty-something, divorced, Christian woman hitting the "reset" button on her life. I'm returning back home to re-assemble the pieces of my future, venturing into a second chance made up of singleness and seeking Jesus.

God placed it on my heart that my story was not one to keep to myself, but one to be shared. Because of this, I began this blog to share my heart and the lessons I learn with others. I hope to invite other women along on this journey with me who may be going down similar paths of betrayal, heartache, and most importantly - second chances. The lesson learned is that a second chance can happen anywhere, even where you least expect it.

He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters. - Psalm 18:16

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